At ITDesigners we specialise in database driven application development
to suit our clients' requirements, across all sectors

Why Use a Database?

A database is the single most useful environment in which to store data and an ideal tool to manage and manipulate that data. The benefits of a well-structured database are infinite:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Time savings
  • It can also be a powerful analysis tool for identifying, for example, sales target areas and employee productivity.

At ITDesigners we specialise in developing tailored database driven applications to meet clients' specific needs. We work in close consultation with our clients, enabling us to identify present and future needs.


Identifying Company Requirements:

In-depth investigation of what the company is, how it works, and what manual systems it has in place - this is the first step in attempting to identify the company's requirements.

  • Are you small and a fledgling business?
  • Are you primarily a sales, manufacturing or service company?
  • Are you a shop or mail order business?
  • Will your employees need access to the database from out in the field?

These and a host of other questions will be asked during the initial investigation. The answers will enable us to produce a system which is efficient and upscale able, and one that fulfils your needs.

Identifying Management Requirements:

Again, many questions will be asked to establish management's particular requirements, e.g. what reports will be needed and how frequently will they need to be updated? Who should have access to what information, and who shouldn't? Working closely with management ensures that the system fulfils all required functions and is secure.

Identifying User Requirements:

At ITDesigners we have been on both sides of the fence - developers and users. Therefore, we also work closely with users as well and take their input into account - thus enabling us to produce a system which is user-friendly.

Administration and Maintenance:

Who will administer and maintain your database once it is up and running? We will, if you want us to, and we would be delighted to do so. However, we can also teach designated members of your staff to administer and maintain the database.

If you would like ITDesigners to continue to maintain and administer your database for you, this can be done under a separate contract.

Minor amendments and additional functionality can easily be made to the database directly from our offices via the Internet, using software such as PC-Anywhere. This will ensure that any such changes are made quickly and without the delay of waiting for a developer to reach your premises. This is particularly useful if and when the database needs urgent work carried out because of user error (it happens more often than you'd think!) and decreases user 'downtime' and related costs to the company.


We can provide users with elementary or in-depth training on how to use the database. If required, we can also provide training on the basics of using Windows or other applications - please ask for details).

Elementary Training:

Users will be taught the basics of how to use the database and will further be shown how to reference the documentation provided.

In-Depth Training:

A series of half-day seminars can be organised for different levels of training, from day-to-day use of the database through to administration and maintenance.


Full documentation will be provided.


Prices can start from as little as £600 for developing a simple database, and rise according to complexity and scope. Prices for training to be negotiated, depending on level of training required and the number of trainees.

Area of Operation:

This will to an extent be dictated by the scope and complexity of the database you require and whether you have Web access. Generally, however, location is not a problem as communications are fast and simple using email, fax, telephone and/or conference calling.

Where feasible, face-to-face consultations will be arranged. Where the distance is great, our database developer will make at least one visit to your site. You will also, if you wish, be able to view the progress of your database via a Web address at our site which will be dedicated to your project alone and be completely secure.

What to do Next:

Contact us! Ask us any questions! Lots of questions! Even if you merely want to find out whether you actually need a database a or not. It's what we at ITDesigners are here for!