At ITDesigners we create websites that reflect your individuality because
your site should uniquely reflect who you are and what you.

Individuality is very important, but we don't get carried away with gimmicks that don't take into account the nature of your target audience or who and what you are.

We make getting an Internet presence painless and effortless.

  • We'll register your domain name**
  • Set up your emailing and mail forwarding facilities
  • Design your website
  • Host your website
  • Amd register the site with all the top search engines.

** Domain names are being registered at the rate of over 10,000 a day, with some companies buying names solely to be able to sell it to you - at a high price! We strongly urge you to register your domain name as soon as possible to secure it. If you would like us to check availability of your name, please contact us.

Why Have a Website?


  • You have some information to impart...
  • It increases your audience by millions - instantly!
  • You want to expand your marketplace to take in the entire world - instantly!
  • You want to be on a level playing field with all the big companies.
  • You're a creator - perhaps music or writing - and you want to show others what you can do.
  • You want to create a forum where people can interact...

These are only very rough guides - please contact us for more specific information and quotes. There is no obligation on your part attached to talking to us Or, like us, you provide a service and want to advertise it to millions of people. Whatever the reason, we'll give you a great design, excellent service ... and an even better price! We'll work closely with you to ensure that your Web site suits you and does what you want it to - effectively, efficiently and with powerful impact.

Design Elements:

These are just some of the Design Elements which can be incorporated into your Website:

  • An original design which will be yours alone. We will design a Web site which reflects your ideas and ethos, and is in keeping with the type of site you are looking for. We can also, of course, use existing templates (which will decrease the cost), and perhaps you would like us to do some customisation to make it more individual.
  • Your existing graphics (your logo, or perhaps photographs of you, your staff or your company headquarters, etc.) can be used on your Website. We will convert and optimise them for quick downloading.
  • Original artwork (e.g. logo, see Graphics Design). If you don't already have a logo or company image, we can design one for you and incorporate it into your Web site.
  • Title bars displaying your corporate logo used throughout for maximum corporate image impact.
  • Customised navigation buttons, button bars and icons can be used. These will give your site a consistent look and feel which is in-keeping with your company's image.
  • Animation, sound and video effect.
  • A Database or Catalogue of your company's products and all the necessary facilities required for on-line shopping, making your Web site an On-Line Shopfront from which to increase your company's business and extend your marketplace worldwide.

Other Elements:

These are just some of the Design Elements which can be incorporated into your Website:

  • Animated graphics, even an animated logo to make an impact.
  • A Search facility so that they can search for specific words on your site.
  • A Bulletin Board where suggestions can be made or issues raised for debate.
  • A database, either flat-file or relational, static or interactive.
  • Feedback forms (for people to submit while online, perhaps about items they want more information on, or products they'd like to purchase, or questions they want answered.
  • A Guest Book, enabling visitors to sign in and make comments on your site. This can be very handy to find out what people would like to see on your site (or the things that they hate!), so that you can adapt and amend it accordingly.
  • Hyperlinks to other sites.
  • Perhaps a translation facility for those users who don't speak English.

Content Writing:

These are just some of the Design Elements which can be incorporated into your Website:

If you have existing brochures or other advertising materials which adequately lay out what you would like your Web site to say, We can use copy from your brochures or other advertising materials. We can also convert text from hardcopy using scanning, if that's the only format you have it in.

If you don't yet have any advertising text, we can write the content of your Website for you. The art of copywriting takes skill and understanding of the target audience, and we have many years' experience in writing for brochures and press releases, as well as many other types of copy.

With a combination of the right words and graphics with impact, your Web page can achieve whatever you want it to!

Publishing - Getting Your Site "Out There":

We will take care of all that for you:

  • Registering your domain name (it all starts with a domain name, so it has to be welll chosen.
  • Hosting your website on a server with a reliable and professional hosting company.
  • Setting up your email facilities, pop boxes and all mail forwarding facilities.
  • And ensuring that you are registered with all the major search engines** and indexes, and also with many of the less important search engines.

Search Engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

Registering websites with search takes a tremendous amount of care and knowledge, particularly as search engine criteria change almost daily. If registration is not done properly, your website will NOT gets as many hits as it should do - that is why we take care to manually register all our sites!

Area Of Operations:

Everywhere! That's the beauty of the Internet - people can work together across the world. We have longstanding clients who we've never met personally and we have, in fact, saved a lot of wasted time that way! Where feasible, though, personal meetings and fact-finding sessions will take place.

You'll also be able to view the progress of your Web site via a Web address at our site which will be completely secure. This fast and convenient method enables you see all your project visuals in real terms, e.g. corporate logo, Web graphics, etc. You can view proposals and give feedback quickly and in your own time, thus ensuring that approvals or revisions do not delay the project unnecessarily.


It's difficult to be precise or specific because it will very much depend on what you want. Therefore, prices will be dictated by the complexity of your Web site and its content, the amount of original graphics work required, whether you supply the text or we write it for you based in the information you give us, and so on.

We urge you to contact us so that we can ascertain what you require and quote accordingly.In the meantime, though, below are a couple of guidelines.

  • A rough guide for a simple Web site of a few pages, including domain name registration, hosting and registering with the major search engines, would be about £500 to £600.
  • A complex eCommerce Web site could cost as much as £2,000 or £3,000 for a very complex catalogue site with lots of photos of products, shopping cart, payment facilities, etc.
  • Of course, there is a whole range in the middle! Again we would urge you to contact us - there is no obligation on your part attached to talking to us!

What To Do Next:

That's the easy part! Just fill in the Information Request Form by ticking the areas you are interested in and giving us a way in which we can contact you, and we'll take it from there.

There is also space to ask questions - and do feel free to ask lots of questions! The more information we can give you, the better idea you'll have of what you need and what you want - and that will help